How can you create a workout routine?

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How can you create a workout routine?

With Feel it, I found my routine. Yes routines can be boring but if you set your mind to it you’ll do wonders to your physical and mental health. 


Here are my tips to start creating your routine:

1- Block the workout hour in your calendar at least 2 times a week. That way you encourage yourself to commit to the workout. It’s also a good reminder for you in case you tend to forget 🙂 

2- Block the hour in your family and coworkers’ calendars. This is your time. We all need Me time and this is a great day to let your loved ones know that you are booked at this time and you need to let everything out! 

3- Know how to say no. It’s okay if you miss a few outings or meetings if they’re not super important skip them. Working out is very important and you got to be active for both your mental and physical health. If you can prioritize it twice a week thats all you need! 

4- Talk about your new routine! Make it even more real. Get your friends and family to join the workout and take part of your journey. Tell them about how it’s impacting you and if it’s making you happy. The more you talk about it the better. 

5- Remove this hour from something that isn’t a must for you to do. You need to prioritize things specially given our hectic schedules you can’t do everything. And so what can this workout replace? Or do you have this free hour that you can spare instead of sitting not doing anything. 

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