Dance is not a sport. Seriously?

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Dance is not a sport. Seriously?

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You’ve probably heard so many times that dance is not a sport. Many of us think that if it’s not too intense then it’s not a workout. I know I have heard this so many times but I believe what matters is movement in whatever form it comes. You need to move your body and yes you need to get your heart rate up and down however what matters is that you are moving your body for better health. Dance is good for the mind, body, and soul and it’s one of the only sports that targets the whole body. It’s not focused on any specific areas and it really is a great therapy for you. 


Here are 10 Reasons why dance fitness in Dubai is a great activity: 


1- It Builds Muscular Endurance: you move your whole body and your muscles need to keep up. They get used to movement and therefore build endurance.


2- It Improves The Body’s Flexibility: with the movement comes enhanced flexibility. It’s also important to note that during dance warm ups and cool down flexibility is enhanced by doing the exercises repeatedly that loosen the joints and muscles.


3- It Develops Upper And Lower Body Strength: dance is one of the only sports that exercises all muscles and since you need to work your upper and lower body (arms, chest, hips, legs, feet even the head) you really build strength all over your body. 


4- It burns a whole lot of calories: hell yes! You can burn up to 450 calories per session which is considered on the high side for an activity that is not very intense. You don’t risk injuries because it’s a moderate activity but at the same time you burn lot of calories!


5- It helps you Get Stronger Bones: stronger muscles, healthy heart, healthy breathing and of course stronger bones.


6- It’s Good For Your Mental Health: because it’s such a good stress reliever, it really helps you be in a better mood and therefore have better mental health. 


7- It Balances The Body: because you workout all muscles in your body it doesn’t on a specific area more than the other. It’s good for the core, good for your muscles, good for your posture. It really tackles everything.


8- It Creates Better Blood: Strong muscles, strong bones, healthy breathing, healthy heart, healthy movement bring better blood


9- It puts you in a good mood: with the right music, dance moves and beat you are consistently smiling when you’re dancing. It’s a mood booster. The best one.


10- It reduces anxiety and stress: when you dance, you let all the stress out specially when you hear a music you like, when you jump, when you see others with you dancing it just propels positive vibes.


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