Welcome to Feel it!

Feel it is a dance cardio workout founded in April 2019 that mixes several types of dance styles such as hip hop, salsa, Bollywood, oriental and many more. The class is 60 minutes long including a warm up and cool down.

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Feel it

Fun. Easy. Energetic. Liberating. Inspiring. Trendy.

Feel it is all about the Fun as we dance to your favorite tunes and make you feel like you’re in a party! Our workout is Easy and is for everyone who is looking to dance their heart out and workout at the same time. Feel it is Energetic as it pumps you up and gets you in a groovy mood as well as Liberating letting all your day’s stress out! We want you to feel Liberated and not stress about the dance moves. All you need is to Feel the music. Our music sets are Trendy and are mixed by a DJ to make you feel like you’re clubbing.

Want to transform your life?

Our promise & philosophy

At Feel it we want you to feel your best self. Our workout is designed for you to lead a healthy lifestyle and ENJOY working out. Never again will you feel forced to exercise in order to lose weight or be in shape. At Feel it we provide you with live Feel it Workout Classes or pre-recorded videos for you to workout at your own time!