Do you need to do several types of workouts?

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Do you need to do several types of workouts?

Not necessarily! Because with Feel it Cardio Workout, there’s a lot of variety that comes with the music, the dance styles and the moves. 

1- During the workout, we mix different dance styles such as Flamenco, Salsa, Hip Hop, Bollywood, Oriental, Burlesque, Broadway and so many more. You get to learn all the basic steps for every single dance style without having to sit through a class. The steps are easy to follow and you get to have a taste of different cultures!

2- You can burn up to 450 calories on average per workout which is considered on the high side for an activity that is not very intense. You don’t risk injuries because it’s a moderate activity but at the same time you burn lots of calories!

3- The music you dance to is music you would dance to at a party which is why it’s so much fun! The only different is the setting which can be closer to a party if you put some disco lights 😉 

4- The hour flies by so fast because you’re enjoying it: you don’t count the minutes because the workout is fun and before you know it you reach cool down.

5- There is a lot of variety to the moves and the songs so you’re often doing something new: the combination of different dance styles makes you work different areas of your body and with that the variety doesn’t bore you.  There’s rarely repetition but at the same time enough repetition so that it’s not too difficult. 

6- You’re smiling while working out because it’s fun! when you dance, you let all the stress out specially when you hear a music you like, when you jump, when you see others with you dancing it just propels positive vibes.

Try Feel it Workout today, your destination for online fitness classes in Dubai. It’s been for the past 2 years, the best online workout in Dubai! Feel it is one of the rare dance workouts in Dubai that is all about the fun. You can do it online from anywhere at the comfort of your own home.